Friday, December 18, 2015

Language and Text Diagram

Top right image:
Nebulous Overhang

Bottom left image:
Suspended shadows

Bottom center image:
Angled passageways

Middle Right image:

Tapering Triangles


Final Script

My architectural proposition is of shifted suspending
This concept is expressed in my final model in which triangular volumes made from foam are being shifted and then suspended using wood

I hybridized the greatest qualities of my initial design approaches as well as their materials to create a means for designing my folly that focuses on suspending, stretching, and subdividing triangular densities.
These three ideas are shown in my final model

Subdivision informs the shift of a triangular density which creates a nebulous (indefinite, unclear) overhang
and suspension of a triangular volume is reliant upon stretching

The intersection of two suspending elements create quartered spaces that form angled passageways in space that a body can navigate through similar to a labyrinth

As one weaves through triangular densities they can elevate themselves through climbing a ladder, constructed by wrapping wood. Once at the top of the ladder they can stand on a platform and look out upon the folly

Or they can become submerged by climbing down into the void space and sitting underneath a suspended triangular density.

My experimental drawing drove the idea of shifted suspending further. Rather than shifting horizontally I shifted the model as a whole vertically while suspending it from one critical point. I also tested displaying different perspectives while at the same area to expand upon my spatial and site qualities

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            transformed into

Started thinking about spatial qualities created by the shadows, and overhangs


Hybrid Drawing
attempts at combing foam and wood together while simultaneously combining my design approach A: Subdividing intersecting triangular blades
B: Suspending stretching extruded volumes

Suspending, stretching, and subdividing extruded volumes

Mid-term Review

1.) I think my arrangement of my two design approaches and my hybrid fostered strong discussion that was focused and concise. I think I could have improved upon my arrangement through adding more photos and old models to show my process. 
2.) I thought my language during my verbal presentation was engaging and interesting. Although it seemed that the panel was having a difficult time finding a foot hold or somewhere to start talking about my work. I think, again, if I would have included more of my process the panel would have had an easier time comprehending and discussing everything. 
3.) I think my language poster was a little cluttered. Although it was clear, there was a lot of words filling the space. I think to improve it I need to fix my spacing and layout on the poster as well as cleaning up the clutter to allow for a more open diagram.
4.) I think my presentation did a good job at conveying the "story" I wanted to tell. I attempted to present one design approach, transition to the next and then briefly explain how the two meshed together to form my hybrid. I don't think there was a disconnect however I think I could have made the description of how my hybrid was created more clear.
5.) The most significant and helpful feedback I received was to produce and not overthink and over-analyze everything.
6.) For my hybrid I want to incorporate an idea of two opposing things coming together for example imbalance and balance.