Friday, December 18, 2015

Mid-term Review

1.) I think my arrangement of my two design approaches and my hybrid fostered strong discussion that was focused and concise. I think I could have improved upon my arrangement through adding more photos and old models to show my process. 
2.) I thought my language during my verbal presentation was engaging and interesting. Although it seemed that the panel was having a difficult time finding a foot hold or somewhere to start talking about my work. I think, again, if I would have included more of my process the panel would have had an easier time comprehending and discussing everything. 
3.) I think my language poster was a little cluttered. Although it was clear, there was a lot of words filling the space. I think to improve it I need to fix my spacing and layout on the poster as well as cleaning up the clutter to allow for a more open diagram.
4.) I think my presentation did a good job at conveying the "story" I wanted to tell. I attempted to present one design approach, transition to the next and then briefly explain how the two meshed together to form my hybrid. I don't think there was a disconnect however I think I could have made the description of how my hybrid was created more clear.
5.) The most significant and helpful feedback I received was to produce and not overthink and over-analyze everything.
6.) For my hybrid I want to incorporate an idea of two opposing things coming together for example imbalance and balance. 

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